Goals For 2017

Let’s just pretend that this post isn’t an entire month late, and that it was posted at the beginning of January, not February. I have been feeling unusually motivated lately, hence this list that I have created. You may notice that it is short. The reason for that is due to the fact that many do not achieve their New Years resolution. The shorter the list, the less shame.


1. Distance myself from technology

I haven’t exactly begun this goal yet but it’ll happen at some point. This generation is swiftly being consumed by technology. There are definitely people who have this problem much more than I do, a.k.a. my brother, but it is still something I would like to improve. I may not spend my entire day on my phone or watching Netflix, but if I had time, I just might. I would be exceedingly proud of myself if I could spend an entire day, once a month, completely unplugged. I love to read and write and I would like to spend more time pursuing those activities, rather than worrying about my Instagram feed.


2. Write

I created this blog about six months ago and only three things have been posted. I have four journals that I have accumulated through birthdays, Christmas, and being unable to resist buying adorable journals at Target. They have some writing in there but not one is complete or even remotely close to completion. I’ve had ideas for books I want to write, blogs posts I’ve wanted to make, and yet none have actually been translated from my mind, to words. I am determined to make this year a year full of journaling. Journaling in my notebooks, journaling on this blog, journaling in my Bible. I might even start writing that book that has been cooking in my minds for months.


3. Learn another language

You may have noticed my love for travel, you may have not. I’ve been taking Spanish classes for years and my ability to speak the language has progressed very little. This year I would like to take matters into my own hands and start to learn the language on my own. I plan to read Spanish books, watch Spanish movies, spam my friends with snapchats of me speaking Spanish. The world is so much bigger than just this country I live in and I want to go everywhere. I want to live in so many other countries and the first step to that, is improving my ability to communicate with more people. I know so many people who have convinced themselves that where they live is the only place on earth that they would ever want to be. News flash, there is so much more out there, if we only paid attention to how amazing this entire world is and how amazing all the people here are despite our differences. Some day I’m going to travel the world and I’m going to be able to speak to a lot of people and learn so much.


4. Procrastinate a little less

Initially, this was just listed as “procrastinate less”. I then came to the realization that of all the things I mention in this post, this is the least likely to happen so I changed it to, “procrastinate a little less”. My expectations for myself can’t be too high. I tend to procrastinate a lot which only adds to the constant amount of stress that all students seem to experience.


5. Focus on the present

Another tendency I have is that I am constantly concerned with the future. I’m intimidated by the future, I’m scared of it, I’m excited for it. Ultimately, my need to constantly plan everything in the future, has taken away from how much I learn about the present. Most of the things that happen now, won’t even affect the future. Some things will, but that’s okay.I would learn so much more about life if I only focused on what is happening, rather than what might happen, or what has already has happened. If it has already happened, there is nothing you can do to change that. The question is, what can you do to fix it?


6. Find a constant

With all the crazy things happening right now, it’s important to find something constant that I can look forward to when I get home. something that relieves my stress, makes me happy, makes me smile. It could be a book, some music, writing, my journal, my family, my best friends. Anything to help me keep my sanity.



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