My Summer Adventures

Typically, I spend my summers locked in my room, reading or binge watching tv shows and Harry Potter. I’ve never had a summer as packed as these last few months have been. I’ve had so many amazing adventures this summer and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the life changing experiences I’ve had.

At the end of June I went on a trip to the Oregon coast with two of my friends. We stayed in a house on the beach where we had bonfires and watched the sunsets. Beach sunsets are fascinating. One minute, you’re looking at the sun sitting on top of the water. The next minute, it’s sunk below the horizon. Sometimes you’ve got to take in the beautiful moments because you never know how quickly they might disappear.

The next adventure I took part in was about four days after my beach trip. My family got on a nine hour flight to London. Being the Harry Potter fan that I am, I was absolutely ecstatic to see that our hotel was literally at Kings Cross station. This adventure didn’t end in London. We spent about two days in London before taking the train to Paris. Paris is by far my favorite place that I have ever traveled. We were lucky enough to be there during the euro cup semi finals and we got to experience everyone celebrating France’s win. After Paris, we took a plane to Barcelona. In Barcelona, we got on a cruise ship and stopped all over Spain, France, and Italy.

Being somewhere with such different lifestyles really reminded me how much I love traveling and how much I dream of studying abroad. There is such a giant world out there and everyone is so different. It will never cease to amaze me.

After I got back from my two week long Europe vacation, I had one day of rest before flying across the country. I went to something called Triennium. Triennium is a Presbyterian youth trip. High school kids from all over the world come to worship God. I met so many people and am truly grateful for everything I learned there and everything I discovered about myself.

After returning from triennium I had a week until I went camping with my youth group. Every year, my youth group takes a trip to the river and we raft. I always look forward to it because it is a time for me to be worry free and just have fun. Swimming in that river and floating down the rapids is always a little stressful. The thought of how strong the current is always makes my a little uneasy but I love how beautiful everything is out there.

Now, summer is about over. Autumn here I come!

The adventure continues!


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